JILI22 is a new brand and a leader in the recent betting trend. Register JILI22 is one of the ways for brothers to receive many promotions from the house. Let’s explore how to register a house account through the following content!

The JILI22 registration process is quick and simple

There are many promotional programs and extremely attractive games that are only available at JILI22. To successfully register as a member of JILI22, please refer to the following content:

Step 1: Access the official link of JILI22 registering

Step 1: Access the official link of JILI22 registering

Accessing the main link of JILI22 is extremely important for brothers. Because if you access the wrong link, it will be difficult to avoid logging into the wrong house and being scammed.

Step 2: Fill in the information when registering an account

Step 2: Fill in the information when registering an account

Brothers click on the information section, select the registration section and fill in the member information. This information includes:

  • Account: It is required to enter a length of 6 to 18 characters, limited to English and numbers. This is the name that brothers log in to JILI22.
  • Password: Includes 6 to 18 characters including letters and numbers, so it should be highly difficult and this is the password that brothers enter the game.
  • Confirm password: Enter the password you registered above.
  • Mobile phone number: Enter the member’s phone number in use.

Step 3: Complete the entire JILI22 registration process

Step 3: Complete the entire JILI22 registration process

After filling in the account information, member brothers should click submit and complete the entire registration process. Thus, after only 3 steps, members have completed the process of opening an account at JILI22 casino. Brothers need to link to the bank, deposit money into their account and they are free to participate in betting.

Things to remember when register JILI22 casino

Registering JILI22 account is extremely simple, however many members still encounter many difficulties when registering. The following issues need to be noted:

  • Must access the correct main link of JILI22 casino.
  • Use a Vietnamese IP address to log in to participate in the game: Using foreign IP addresses will make your registration and login unsuccessful.
  • Enter the correct phone number you are using: The phone number is extremely important and is the contact information for the house to contact members. Therefore, this phone number must be real and in addition, the phone number will help you get your password back if you forget your password.
  • The required age for members is 18 years or older.

Numerous Attractive Promotions When Register JILI22 for the First Time

Top outstanding promotion programs only at JILI22

After successfully opening an account at JILI22, members will receive many promotional offers from JILI22. These promotions are partly helpful for brothers to have more capital to start conquering games at JILI22 casino and bring home many victories. Let’s learn about the promotions of JILI22 casino through the following content!

Betting loss insurance: If a member loses a bet of 3 million in a day, they will immediately receive $15 in aid the next day.

Receive additional bonus when winning bets: Members who win $50 or more will immediately receive a corresponding bonus of up to 15 million dolars. This bonus will be transferred to the member’s account the next day.

Receive weekly bonus: Members who place valid bets will immediately receive a bonus of $13,888. The promotion and bonus will be automatically updated to the member’s account when participating in the bet.

The more you bet, the bigger the bonus: The more you bet, the higher the bonus, members who participate in valid bets will receive a bonus from $20 to a maximum bonus of $2,888. To receive this promotion, please contact customer service to participate in the promotion. In addition, there are also promotional programs specifically for fish shooting and Slot Game.

Slot Game participation promotion: When participating in Slot Game, brothers will be able to buy gift bags with a discount of 50% and many extremely attractive valuable items.

Fish shooting online promotion: Fish shooting gift bags will be discounted for brothers by 50% along with supporting items for brothers when participating in betting.


Above are the necessary steps for brothers when participating in JILI22 registration with many attractive promotions. Hopefully, through these shares, brothers will immediately receive many promotional programs and become members of the house. Quickly register as a JILI22 member to receive many benefits and enjoy the interesting program in Slot Game and fish shooting only at the house!